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Farms and ranches are massive areas of your property that need frequent and extensive surveying. As they occupy a huge portion of land, you can’t easily get an accurate reading. However, surveyors can help with that by using cutting-edge equipment, such as LIDAR and drones. Such tools help to map out your property and provide all the required information to proceed with the next step.

Farm and ranch surveys are a very crucial segment of the real estate closure process. It can help in determining the boundaries of your property and identifying the kinds of improvements that can be made. Are you planning to conduct a farm and ranch survey for the first time? Then, you need to understand the process before you start looking for reputable land surveyors. This post outlines everything you need to know about farm and ranch surveys. Let’s dive in!

Frequently Asked Questions About Farm and Ranch Surveys

What Is a Farm and Ranch Survey?

A farm and ranch survey can help you create a map that shows your property’s boundaries. It helps in establishing legal title to your land and verifying other legal documents. The survey helps in setting property lines for a variety of purposes. Some of them are:

  • Creating easements through private lands.
  • Setting boundaries for recreational areas, such as parks or city recreation departments and a newly built city or town.
  • Identifying the boundaries between adjacent properties, like when a boundary issue occurs.

When Should You Do a Farm and Ranch Survey?

Performing a farm and ranch survey at the right time is crucial. So when is the right time for a survey? It is necessary when selling a farm or ranch as it gives us an insight into if the land is big enough to fulfill the requirement and has any utility restrictions. You should also conduct a survey when you wish to subdivide your property into lesser lots of acreage. Subdividing requires a person to own over one-half acre of land. Otherwise, you can’t legally subdivide your property into smaller parcels without an environmental evaluation process.

According to Texas soil survey laws, you should survey all new farms before you start building on them. The survey involves measuring the distance between existing frameworks, such as roads and buildings. The officials get to know if every piece falls in its designated area and how much space is available for growth under those restrictions.

Why Conduct a Farm and Ranch Survey?

A farm and ranch survey is necessary for most agricultural properties in Texas to set boundaries and determine the value of the property. It is an opportunity to rectify any encroachment that may be affecting your property. If you are a farmer or rancher, the surveyor wants to learn more about the type of your land. They also measure the length and breadth of your property boundaries. This information helps calculate the portion of surveyed land and its value.

A wide-shot picture of a ranch.

What to Do Before a Farm and Ranch Survey?

Before you conduct a farm and ranch survey, you need to do certain things. You need to know clearly what you want to achieve through the survey. The professional land surveyor can explain the purpose of conducting a survey. So ask them all your questions, and they will be able to help you understand your farm’s precise current condition.

Make sure you ask the surveyor to explain the farm and ranch survey process. As the surveyor explains the kind of survey that needs to be conducted for your property, it will help you understand how much of the land is actually yours. They will also be able to give you an estimate of how long the survey will take and how they’re going to conduct it. You will also be to familiarize yourself with the equipment they use and discuss your availability, so you get the survey completed on time.

What Is the Role of a Surveyor in Farm and Ranch Survey

A land surveyor is a professional specializing in the art and science of clearly assessing and mapping the earth’s surface. They create maps, drawings, and other records of property boundaries so they can act as evidence in court cases. They also map and measure properties that are up for sale or lease, build subdivision plans, and find the original places of lost or buried elements. The role of surveyors is crucial to society as they ensure that landlords have the correct information about their property rights.

You should employ a surveyor to survey, map, and design base maps from which you can make correct land measurements. The accuracy of base maps helps the creation of detailed charts and topographical maps.

How to Conduct a Farm and Ranch Survey in Texas

A professional land surveyor conducts farm and ranch surveys in Texas to determine your property’s boundaries. The survey process gets finished in a day with a team of three to four people, but could take several days or weeks depending on a variety of factors. The first step in performing a farm and ranch survey is identifying the property owner. Then, the land surveyor will get in touch with the county clerk to collect all available parcel data for a specific property.

After that, the surveyor will visit your property with their team. They will identify all physical elements on the ground that are visible from satellite images or aerial photographs. The surveying team will also identify any trees, roads, creeks, fences, and other features on your site.

A farm and ranch survey will always help you understand your land’s location if you are a farmer or rancher. The survey is crucial as you get an idea of the kind of improvements your land needs and how much you may need to invest. The entire process of planning an accurate survey takes time and effort, but the outcomes are always worth the investment. Hopefully, this post helped you learn about the most important things about farm and ranch surveys.

At Southpoint Surveying Company, Texas, we offer various services for property land surveys in Brownsville, ranging from engineering and mortgage surveys to boundary and topographic surveys. We use advanced GPS and traditional survey techniques to conduct the highest quality survey every time. If you want to know more about all our survey services, give us a call today at 956-245-0444. You can also reach us via email at Contact us today to find out how we can serve you.

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